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By promoting change through balance, I am driven to equalize the good with what is perceived as "bad". During our lives, things may happen that cause stress, anxiety, fear, and changes to our mental, subtle, and physical bodies. But what if these events, these misfortunes, could lead us to something better; An awakening. A way to harness our negative and damaging emotions into lessons and love.

Throughout my work, I not only promote healing during the session, but also provide you with the tools to acknowledge these thoughts and emotions after we part. This allows you to, on your own terms, mobilize your own ability to innately heal. 

Many of us repress feelings inside, which can result in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain. Accepting release of our hidden or buried emotions allows us to feel lighter and less tense.


I will coach you to understand your highest and best self. We will acknowledge your past and future and present, and work to learn from lessons, and handle them as they have presented. 


As I work to understand your goals, aspirations, dreams, hopes, fears, I will play a role in guiding you through your journey. I will aid in your connection with your highest and best self. I will assist you in awakening your soul.

About Alexa

About Alexa


Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Wellness, University of New Hampshire

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts & Nutrition, University of New Hampshire

200 Hour RYT

Reiki Mater

YOGABODY Breath Coach

NSA Mindfulness Certified

I am a believer in healing, change, gratitude, and love.

A Bit About My Story + My Purpose On Earth: After my supporting my mother through her downhill battle with cancer in 2017, I gained a perspective on life that felt very new to me. Empathy. Courage. Strength. But after her passing, I buried my emotions. I felt that no one understood. “Fine” I would claim I was feeling, but inside I was emotionally dying, indulging in substance and isolation to find numbness. I had no self-control let alone sense of self. I was in spiritual purgatory. 


I committed to yoga teacher training shortly after my mother’s passing. I felt I had to do something to pry myself from my own black hole. From here I felt a door had been opened to me that I had been searching for to help me heal. But, nine months rolled by, and I was still yearning for more. 

Studying Reiki came shortly after. More lessons began. I was feeling everything over and over. I was experiencing and unveiling the emotions I had kept hidden to so many, including myself. I supplemented my healing naturally with balanced, educated, and healthy eating. I introduced breath work and meditation into my life. I became alive again. I was able to pull myself up and out of trauma by harvesting an innate ability to heal and and working through an energetic rebuilding.

The point is, I hear you. I have been there. Before and after the loss, the pain, the hurt. It is easy to feel unheard in a world so vast and spinning so quickly. But there is a way to press pause, reflect, and slowly work to change. We are all different in ways we perceive and experience trauma, but there is one thing that we all possess - the ability to heal and move forward, away from stress and hopelessness.


Fast forward to now. I am thriving. I am free from anxiety, unnecessary stress, and fear. I am strong on both internal and external levels and I am unchained from a dampened soul. 

I have awoken 


And you can too.

It can help with



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Why This Approach?

I choose to use natural and spiritual methods of healing to reverse the perception modern medicine has played on our ability of self-healing. Of course, there are many things we need medicine for in todays world, but we have certainly over stepped our boundaries with some.  In learning to heal our bodies with the gifts the earth has presented to us, we truly can heal ourselves from the inside out. Working with me can include Coaching in wellness, meditation, breath work, aromatherapy through essential oils, and facilitating Reiki healing.

Why This Approach?


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based off of the transmission of universal energy from the practitioner to the client. Everything in the universe is energy, science tells us this! When we experience certain emotions, trauma, or experiences, we can accumulate blocks that we may hold on to, leading to pent up energy in different areas of the body, physically and spiritually. This affects our pure life force energy, thus altering our overall ability to act and react the way we might like to. Reiki helps release these blocks with a spiritually guided life force energy and leads them outward.

What is an Essential Oil? How are they made?

In nature, plants, trees, roots, and flowers hold compounds that cant be seen by the naked eye. The plants go through steam distillation leaving only the “essential” oil from the plant. The essential oils used in our services are created through  steam distillation where pressurized steam is circulated through the plant material, causing oils in the plant are carried away by the steam and rise to the top. Once the steam cools the oils are taken from the top and packaged for consumption.

How does Reiki work and how can it help?

Reiki is based off of moving through the Chakra system of the body and facilitating healing by "unclogging" or clearing it. Think of it this way; We have a physical body, and an "energetic" or "subtle" body. You may have experienced a time when speaking to or meeting someone, you observe a good/bad vibration or "vibe", and this is because that energy is contained within their aura, or subtle body. The chakras are apart of the energy anatomy in the body, such of which they are the energetic spinning wheels that make up our aura. Our balanced (or blocked) chakras represent all that we are, have been conditioned to be, and have experienced in our lifetime or past lives. They make up our aura, essentially our spirit and soul.. and are what create and put off those "vibes". Perhaps it may be easier to refer to them as the organs of your spiritual or subtle body. Just as we'd like our physical body's organs to be functioning properly, we want our energetic ones to be fully balanced. This is our aim in Reiki - it flows through the body where it needs it the most to purge out negative energy and initiate healing.  In my work I primarily focus on 7 Chakras (Western approach). I aim to balance the whole body, from the most basic to the most transcendent part of ourselves. Reiki can assist in aiding with physical and mental stress, trauma, sleep issues, coping mechanisms, and relaxation.

Reiki is 100% safe and can do no wrong whatsoever. Reiki is for every age, ethnicity, gender, species, sexual preference, & body.

Are essential oils safe?

Diluting and testing of essential oils is always recommended prior to use to gauge "tolerance". If you have any known allergies or scents your particularly dislike, please inform me so I may adjust accordingly. I dilute oils used on clients for safety/skin sensitivities.

Is Reiki Safe?
About Wellness Consultations

Initial consultations are used to make sure you and I are an appropriate fit. Although I am pleased to work with anyone, there are some things that are beyond my range of ability therefore out of my scope of practice.



“I had the pleasure of receiving a beautiful reiki session from Alexa at a yoga festival. Alexa went above and beyond to provide an experience that was deeply relaxing and uplifting. She has a joyous spirit and heart of gold and clearly cares about the wellbeing of her clients. If you have the chance to experience her energy, do it..”

- Miranda R, ME


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3 Front Street, Lower Mill

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Rollinsford, NH 03879

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